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In the pallet production, we focus on the production of atypical pallets. Dimensional, maximum carriage or other parameters are determined by the customer according to their needs and requirements.

palettenOne way pallets

One-way packaging is used for transport over long distances such as the USA, China, India, due to transportation costs paid to send packages back to multiple use.
In this category of product we produce:
- Disposable wooden formwork
- Wooden crate
- Containers of plywood
- Containers made of OSB

palettenMore Ways Pallets

Multipath packages are most often used in transport for short distances, or in-house logistics, when you need a product or a short wrap up of the product before further processing. Emphasis is placed on speed and ease of assembly and disassembly of the packages. There is thus a most commonly used system Clap & Snap, when fasteners made of flexible steel buckles are commonly used.

More Ways Pallets

palettenSpecial Packaging

For goods typical by a large mass, dimensions, fragility, or other non-standard features we make packaging with the best suitable protective parameters. Of course there is the production rate, the development of sample pieces on the basis of the base material.